• Tremula release 2023 Solo CD of Harpsichord music by Hovhaness, Keeley, Thorne and Leigh 
  • Métier Ogloudoglou (Solo CD Sara Stowe voice and other instruments) 
  • Métier 28580 The Man Hurdy-gurdy and Sara Stowe (Sirinu) 
  • Tremula An Enlightened Heart (Galliarda) 
  • CHAN 621 Chandos All Goodly Sports (Sirinu) 
  • GCCD4013 Court Jesters 
  • GCCD 4007 Tunes from Troubled Times (SS & MS) 
  • National Portrait Gallery CCL CD816 Music at the Court of Charles II (SS & MS) 
  • CCL CDG1013 Royal Academy of Arts Music from the Age of van Dyck 
  • Recordings for Historical Properties and Museums 
  • CDG1088 Six Wives of Henry VIII Sirinu